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TV4 is a Swedish free-to-air television network owned by TV4 AB, a subsidiary of the Bonnier Broadcasting Group. It started broadcasting by satellite in 1990 and, since 1992, on terrestrial television. In 1994, TV4 became the largest channel and remained so for a number of years. The two channels of Sveriges Television (SVT) lost more and more viewers for a couple of years.

A former employee mentioned, "After Telia bought TV4, it seemed they haven't figured out how to keep up the quality as before."


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Current Employee - Product Manager says

"I have been working at TV4 full-time for more than a year Cons: - You will not be respected here so leave your integrity and values at home. - The product chief will recurring tell the whole team: if you are not satisfied, you should leave. “The door is there” is her favorite sentence. - Every time you give a constructive feedback, it won’t result on a healthy and respectful discussion or action points for neither of you. You will be met with critics and the discussion will shift to what a bad professional you are. - No strategy, leadership, vision, process, research Process - The whole UX team will be renewed every 6 months for the reasons above. - Forget improvements. - This job will break you as a human being. - Toxic environment and management. If you think I’m exaggerating talk to anybody that works/has worked at the product team at C More or TV4 Play. It looks nice on the CV but you will regret."

Former Contractor - Editor says

"I worked at TV4 for less than a year Cons: We were promised for months that full time work would begin. These came in emails and face to face meetings where contracts were promised to arrive within days, yet never did. After months of stringing along new hires, they went silent and no one I was in contact with has heard from them since."

Current Employee - Systems Developer says

"I have been working at TV4 full-time for more than a year Cons: There is not really good direction or roadmap for the products. Endless levels of middle management (up to seven as of this writing). Managers decide everything ignoring the advice of the experts in the workforce. Zero chances of progressing in your career. No leadership. No salary upgrades regardless of the market changes. No education of any kind, learn what you want on your own time and resources."